Dental Extractions Houston, TX

Dental Extractions Houston, TX

There are many reasons why patients need tooth extractions. Teeth can become injured or get so severely decayed, they cannot be saved. In other cases, baby teeth don’t fall out without assistance, wisdom teeth are impacted, or an infection develops. Left untreated, any of these issues can lead to serious health problems. Sometimes, dental extractions are the only solution. Think you may need tooth removal in Houston? Schedule an appointment today.

Simple & Surgical Tooth Extraction Houston

At Dr. Teeth in Houston, we perform simple tooth removal and more complex surgical extraction. A simple extraction is performed by loosening the tooth and using forceps to remove it. Surgical tooth extraction (often for wisdom tooth extraction) requires an incision. Considering a tooth extraction in Houston? Schedule your consultation.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston, TX

Think you need wisdom teeth extraction in Houston? Wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth due to various complications. At Dr. Teeth we are proud to also offer wisdom teeth removal in Houston, TX.

Houston Tooth Extraction Process

Prior to either type of tooth extraction, your Houston dentist at Dr. Teeth will take an x-ray to access the situation. Wisdom tooth extraction requires a full panoramic x-ray of the entire mouth. If your dentist discovers an infection if you have an immune deficiency disorder or some other health condition, an antibiotic may be administered before and after the procedure.

Patients are likely to have some discomfort following a simple tooth removal, complex tooth extraction and even wisdom teeth removal in Houston, TX. It is common to experience minor bleeding with wisdom teeth in Houston, TX. An ice pack will help alleviate pain and reduce swelling. It is important to follow your post-op instructions and take any prescribed pain meds as directed.

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