Soft Tissue Contouring

Soft Tissue Contouring

A smile that is too gummy or that has receding gums is a problem many dental patients face. Sometimes the gum line is naturally too low, or the gums may be overgrown. Soft tissue contouring with laser dentistry from Dr. Teeth in Houston, TX will help balance your smile.

Why Soft Tissue Contouring?

Besides correcting a gummy smile and a receding gum line, soft tissue contouring, also known as gum recontouring, from our Houston dental office can also correct an asymmetrical gum line, where the gums may appear higher on one tooth and lower on another. This gives the appearance of uneven teeth, or varying heights. With a topical anesthetic and a high-end laser treatment, we can alter your gum line for a more visually appealing look, in just one dentist visit.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Contouring

Gum contouring is a pain-free dental procedure with minimal post-op discomfort. Stitches and bleeding are not an issue because the laser seals the treatment area on contact, allowing for a fast recovery.

Following gum contouring, results are usually visible immediately. This soft tissue reshaping process will create an even gum line, resulting in a smile you will want to share. Book an appointment for our soft-tissue contouring treatment today.

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