Orthodontist Houston, TX

Orthodontist Houston, TX

Considering dental braces in houston? Looking for an orthodontist in Houston? At Dr. Teeth, our Houston orthodontist knows that different patients have different needs. We are happy to offer several different orthodontic options including traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces. These orthodontic methods have the same goal: to straighten your teeth! For adult braces in Houston, contact our Houston orthodontist today.

Traditional Metal Braces Houston

Traditional stainless steel braces have been the go-to teeth straightening option for decades. It seemed like the default treatment for anyone who wanted to straighten their teeth. Recent advancements have led to traditional metal braces to be more comfortable and durable. They work by moving teeth into position using brackets, wires, and bands. This is the most visible of the options, but that can be made into a fun thing by incorporating colored brackets and bands!

Clear Ceramic Braces Houston

Ceramic braces similarly straighten teeth as with traditional metal braces, but do so with clear ceramic brackets that are much less visible. This is a great option for someone looking to avoid the “metal mouth” appearance of traditional braces. These types of brackets can be a bit less durable than traditional metal ones, and may not be recommended for certain people’s bottom teeth.

Dental Braces Houston

Think you would benefit from braces in Houston, TX? For your initial consultation at Dr. Teeth in Houston, TX, schedule an appointment. We would be happy to evaluate your overall oral health to determine if our braces in Houston are right for you.

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