Is This the Year Your Smile Gets a Makeover?

We believe that every one of our patients deserves to have a smile that they love. A healthy smile that is likewise beautiful to look at. When we are talking about a makeover for your smile, we mean more than just a whitening or a little cosmetic dentistry here and there. We mean a full-on smile makeover. This means that you get committed with your dentist to fully makeover your smile and make a plan to give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted.

How Does a Smile Makeover Work?

The first step to achieving the smile you want is to make an appointment with us for a smile makeover. The next step will be a full-mouth examination by your dentist. This is because we want to make sure that your mouth is in tip-top condition before we start any kind of cosmetic makeover. If you start to restore your smile in a cosmetic way while ignoring serious dental issues, the nice look of your teeth won’t last as long.

After the examination, your dentist may decide to correct some things such as a simple cavity filling. Once your mouth is in good order and healthy, the imperfections and unsightly parts of your smile will be discussed with your dentist and you can make a plan of attack together.

For some people, this means nothing more than custom-made veneers that can transform your smile completely. For other people, though, perhaps professional in-office whitening, orthodontic treatments to align your teeth, or even tooth reconstruction for people with missing or damaged teeth.

Each case is completely unique, and all details of the smile makeover will be discussed between you and your dentist. If you have any other questions about a smile makeover, feel free to give us a call today or stop into the office!