How to Take Care of Your Toothbrush

We often hear about how important daily at home dental care can be for achieving and maintaining optimal oral health, but how often do we hear about the importance of taking care of our toothbrush? Each day we use our toothbrush to clean our teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth and unfortunately, they don’t last forever. So how exactly do you care for your toothbrush? Follow these tips from our Houston dental office:

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

When it comes to properly cleaning your teeth, it is important to make sure your toothbrush itself is actually clean. While this may sound silly, it is important to rinse your toothbrush after each use to remove any debris, bacteria and/or leftover toothpaste. For an even dramatic clean, place your toothbrush in the dishwasher every so often. Traveling? Be sure to get a toothbrush cover that allows your toothbrush to ventilate, preventing bacteria from forming.

Keep Your Toothbrush Dry

Although we use water to brush our teeth, it can be very important to keep your toothbrush dry when you aren’t using it. Mouthwash, toothbrush sanitizer, and even the dishwasher can be used to disinfect your toothbrush; however, once it is done, you should allow your brush to completely dry. When your brush is not able to dry, bacteria and mold can overgrow, making your next brushing session more harmful than good. When storing your toothbrush, be sure to keep it upright so that gravity can drain any moisture.

Use a Good Brushing Technique

How you brush is also important for caring for your toothbrush. Be sure not to brush extremely hard, use small, circular, gentle strokes. Do not chew on your toothbrush while brushing either as this can wear the bristles, making them less effective.

Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly

Even with the best toothbrush care, they won’t last forever. At Dr. Teeth in Houston, TX we recommend replacing your brush every 3 months. If you have been sick or notice your toothbrush is worn, we recommend replacing it immediately.