Getting to the Root of Your Tooth Pain

If you are experiencing dental pain of some kind, especially root pain, it is important to understand the cause. To get to the root of the pain, it is important to see your dentist. In the office, your dentist can evaluate if there is a serious problem present in your mouth, or if the pain is caused by something that is not dangerous to the health of your teeth.

The fact of the matter is: not all tooth root pain is caused by a serious cavity. You might become worried that if you feel pain in the root of your tooth, that it automatically means you will need a root canal. Thankfully, that is not the case.

The Causes of Root Pain

As we age, gradually the roots of our teeth become more visible. Because of this, they come into contact with the things that we eat and drink. The roots of teeth are simply more sensitive than the rest of the tooth. This means that when you eat or drink something that is too cold, hot, or sugary, the roots of your teeth may feel pain. This type of pain is typically mild, however it can be startling!

If the pain is very severe and lasts even when you are not eating, the likelihood of it being a serious cavity is greater.

What Happens if I Need a Root Canal?

In all honesty, a root canal is the worst case scenario. This is only necessary if there has been significant decay in the tooth, and it is done in order to save the tooth.

Essentially, during a root canal, your dentist will drill away the decayed portion of your tooth called the “pulp”. They will also typically removed damaged nerves to reduce the pain. The drilled away portion will then be protected with a crown, partial crown, or filling.

A root canal is not actually as scary as most people think. The pain associated with a root canal procedure is actually the result of the damage that was present before the procedure. The root canal procedure is meant to lessen your overall pain, not increase it. Stop in to our office today if you are experiencing tooth pain of any kind!