Get the Protection of Dental Sealants with Your Family Dentist in Houston

Having healthy teeth and gums can reflect on your child’s overall health. Our dentists at Dr. Teeth realize the importance of teaching children healthy habits at a young age to protect their mouths and bodies. Another way to protect your child is with dental sealants that our dentists offer to patients of all ages. How can dental sealants help to protect your child’s teeth? To get the answer, we encourage you to continue reading on.

You Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth from Decay

Bacteria and debris can be commonly found in young children’s teeth. This is from the difficulty they have of properly cleaning their smiles. If bacteria or food particles are left on a tooth’s enamel, this can eventually lead to tooth decay and cavities. How can this be prevented? It is vital to teach children proper brushing and flossing habits from a young age. Along with this, our dentists offer dental sealants for patients who may benefit from them. Dental sealants are applied by a dentist to each individual tooth. It is a pain-free, quick, and effective procedure that works as a barrier to help prevent cavities and further decay in teeth. Contact your dentist to see how your child can benefit from dental sealants. Our dentists recommend dental sealants to patients at age 6 and then reapply them at age 12. We can provide them with the sealants in just one visit to our clinic.

If you think your child would benefit from having dental sealants, then contact Dr. Teeth for more information regarding the procedure for your child. Don’t hesitate to protect your child’s smile and health. Call to set up an appointment with us today!