Endodontics (Root Canals)

Endodontics (Root Canals)

Our endodontist at Dr. Teeth in Houston, TX specializes in the treatment of the roots and pulp of teeth. The root canal and pulp are complex areas, beneath and inside your teeth. When an infection develops, it can be very painful. Root canal treatments are very easy dental procedures that can help restore oral health if an infection in the tooth root does arise. Your Houston dentist can determine if a root canal is necessary.

Why root canal treatments?

Your mouth is such an intricate structure, so much can happen beneath the surface. Not exposed to the naked eye are underlying roots, and root canals, that contain blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. To keep the whole network healthy, you must maintain your teeth and gums with proper oral hygiene. Like teeth can become decayed, teeth roots can develop infections that require root canal therapy to eliminate the harmful bacteria and restore the tooth back to normal function. If infected nerve tissue or tooth pulp is left untreated, it continues to deteriorate, and the bacteria may develop an abscess, or face, jaw, throat or mouth infection.

Houston Root Canal Procedure

During the root canal procedure, your root canal dentist in Houston will clean the entire area and seal it tight to prevent future infections in the nerve or pulp. Routine root canal therapy can prevent the infection from worsening and an abscess from forming.

If your Houston endodontist determines that root canal therapy is the right procedure for you, we have advanced procedures that will make the process simple, pain-free and efficient, to quickly restore mouth function and oral health.

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