Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

Because preventive dental care is so important, our dental offices in Houston, TX offers both clear and tooth-colored dental sealants to protect your teeth’s chewing surfaces, where cavities are more likely to develop. Dental sealants provide an airtight seal that keeps plaque, tartar, and bacteria from settling in the deep grooves and crevices of back teeth.

Who can benefit from dental sealants?

Since most patients develop cavities at an early age in the back teeth, young kids are the best candidates for clear or tooth-colored sealants. It can be difficult for kids to brush the pits and grooves in their back teeth, where bacteria flourishes. However, the clear and tooth-colored sealants provide a smooth surface that is easy to clean for proper oral hygiene habits.

Although dental sealants benefit children, our Dr. Teeth Houston dentist can also provide dental sealants for adults and teenagers who want the added protection against plaque and decay.

Dental Sealant Application

Dental sealants are painted onto the chewing surface of premolars and molars, where the protective shield settles into all the deep grooves. The substance forms a hard shell as it bonds with tooth enamel.

Maintaining Your Dental Sealants

There is no entryway for harmful bacteria, damaging acids or plaque to get in while the sealants are in good condition. Depending on your dental care practices and lifestyle choices, dental sealants should last for many years. At every routine dentist visit, dental sealants are monitored and if necessary, reapplied.

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