Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

For those that may be missing one or multiple teeth, but still have healthy remaining teeth beside the gaps, a dental bridge may work well to fill in the spaces.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are used to permanently replace one or more teeth. A bridge consists of two or more dental crowns for each tooth on either side of the space. There are two anchor teeth with a prosthetic tooth (teeth) in between.

Why Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges replace lost teeth to prevent mouth problems from shifting teeth, spacing, and bite issues. An unnatural bite can lead to jaw irritation, gum disease, and tooth decay. Just one missing tooth can cause misalignment issues with five or more teeth.

Dental Bridges from Dr. Teeth in Houston

Usually, two dentist visits with our Houston office are needed to prepare and place dental bridges:

  • Initial evaluation and preparation
  • Placement of finished dental bridge

Your dentist at Dr. Teeth in Houston will determine if dental bridges are the best option for you during your initial consultation. First, x-rays and impressions or molds need to be taken, and, gums, teeth, and bones need to be evaluated. The success of dental bridge depends on the strength of the supporting foundation. To see if you’re a candidate to receive a dental bridge, book an appointment with our office today!

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